Don’t Underestimate the Simple

Because I need this right about now . . . 🙂 Enjoy.

And That's My Reality

I was stressed. Neck tight, lower back ache, and head hurting. I hadn’t been this stressed in a long time, after months of carefully structuring my schedule and my life to avoid being overwhelmed. But somehow, this situation snuck up on me. And here I was, in a battle to regain the orchestrated simplicity (or organized chaos)  that has been working so well. Just wanted to share a few very simple methods I used that did a world of good….

1. A nice, long, hot bath. Man oh man. If I could have taken a nap in there, I would have.
2. Laughter. I watched a hilarious sitcom and it seemed to just melt the stress away.
3. Ice cream. Everything’s better with ice cream.
4. Sleep. Underestimated. Often ignored. Things really do look better in the morning.
5. Reprioritizing. Yet again. But as long as I’m willing to…

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Budget Momma

I was recently asked about the blog where I talked about being cheap. Lol. I prefer to call it “saving money”. In any event, I think this is the blog being referred to. Enjoy.

And That's My Reality

My husband and I threw my son an awesome birthday party. My son and his friends had a blast, it was relatively low maintenance, but here’s the best part … the location was free!

I thought I’d just share a few of the secrets I use to take full advantage of any deals and bargains I can find. Parents know how astronomical prices for kids’ parties can get. A kids’ “jumpy place” (as I officially call it) can run upwards of $300 for about 15 friends. No food. No drinks. No cake. Just jumping. Yikes.

So armed with this pricing knowledge and determined to spend nowhere near that much, I started a brainstorm session. Where can kids go to play that may not be considered a “party venue”? I was flooded with thoughts – and pursued many of them. A YMCA rec room? A church with a nice-sized gym facility?…

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